Did you ever watch the movie Clueless as a little girl? Totally clueless to the jokes and 90's culture the movie *so totally* portrayed?

Yeah, me too. Partly because I was 5 when it came out, but mostly because all that mattered was the platform heels, cropped sweaters, and gum smacking attitude. I thought Cher Horowitz had the life. I rented that movie from Blockbuster an embarrassing amount of times and perfected my valley girl accent.

My life looks nothing like California with a cappuccino and convertible. It looks like a big southern front porch with the fans going on high. It looks like family time on a Sunday afternoon. It looks like folding a week's worth of laundry when it's all too wrinkled to wear anyway. I wouldn't trade my life with Cher for a million dollars because it's so. totally. awesome. 

I am a wife to Jarrod. A mother to Boston. A Jesus lover. A very new and very green DIY-er. A grocery store junkie and price check queen. A statistic for pregnancy loss x3 and 3x the heartbreak.

My home is where my heart is. Home makes me happy. Home is my husband and my son. Home is where I cook roasted sweet potatoes 3 nights out of the week. Home is where I decorate lovely little spaces out of inexpensive thrifts & finds that bring me joy. Home is where I wrestle with loss, grief, and finding purpose in my pain. Home is where I felt a tug to be transparent with my life because my struggles are not solitary. Our stories are full of similarities and my hope is that by being raw and real I might be able to connect with you and learn more about your story and struggles.

Let's cook sweet potatoes together. Let's DIY and pretend to be Joanna Gaines together. Let's talk about how it's hard to choose joy in Jesus when life sucks. Let's learn to fall more and more in love with the life we have and not compare to each other. That is what Mint & Muslin is all about.